Monday, 20 February 2012

A sign of Spring

There's snow on the ground right now, but the boy & I brought a little spring into our house the other day. We were at the grocery store and they had a beautiful display of primulas. The colours were so bright and vibrant, perfect for a dull February day.

I really like having primulas around here, because they are pretty close to perfect flowers. Fantastic to have inside while it's still cold outside, then you can plant them outside when it gets a bit warmer, and you've got a splash of colour in your yard, along with beautiful green foliage, for years to come. Plus they're really easy to care for, they just like a bit of sun, and some water every few days.

The boy decided that having one primula in the house wasn't enough and he really needed one of his own. We made a deal that he could have his own, but that he needed to look after it by himself.  He was thrilled. He's got it in his room and it's doing fairly well. We've had a few times where it's not been watered enough, but so far it's come back to life each time. 

He's also looking forward to when it will finally be warm enough outside so that he can pick a spot in the garden to plant it. It's been a good way to help teach him responsibility of sorts, and for a very low price, and probably very few tears if he does kill it off!

His primula - still alive & flowering (for now)

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